Introducing: Couch Roulette, a New Service from Dolly

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Your couch is the hub of your home. It’s where you relax after a long day at work. It’s where you have family meetings and heart-to-hearts with your partner. Without it, your house wouldn’t be a home. So why does it cost thousands of dollars? The Dolly mission is to create freedom of choice, of time, and from worry – so we wanted to create the freedom for you to find a couch without throwing your life savings away.

Today, we’re excited to announce our newest service: Couch Roulette. For just $99, we’ll find a couch for you that our Helpers will pick up and deliver to your home. Just $99 for any couch…that we choose.

Think of it as a fun gamble (perhaps roulette?): you could get a beautiful leather sectional from West Elm…or you could get a ten-year-old couch from a college dorm that’s never been washed. With all our couch deliveries, we’ve collected dozens of couches over the years that customers didn’t need or were getting rid of. Now, we’re passing that collection along to you.  It’s completely random, so you won’t know what couch you’re getting until we bring it into your living room.

Just go to and select the “couch roulette” option for your type of move. We’ll deliver your new-to-you couch that we’ll randomly choose from our left-behind couch collection on April 1st – you won’t know which couch you’re getting until it’s already there.

You could get any couch.

Like this beautiful velvety sofa….

…or this gorgeous piece we picked out from the finest nearby alley.

It could be a beautiful vintage-looking loveseat….

Or a couch that’s a bit more eclectic, er, electric. (On the upside, it looks like this one is a sectional!)

Maybe it’s a perfectly lovely leather loveseat…

…or maybe it’s the couch President Obama used in the Oval Office…

…or maybe it’s a couch that’s especially lit. (Note: fire extinguisher not included with any couch models.)

Just think – for $99, you could get the couch of your dreams. And even if you don’t, at least you got a couch (and an interesting story) for a great price.

Take a chance with your design. Book a Dolly now to start your Couch Roulette experience.




Note: While we’re sure you’ll think the idea of a mystery couch showing up in your living room is a great one…we’ll save you the extra anxiety…April Fools’!

Miranda is the Marketing Coordinator at Dolly. She’s moved nine times in the past six years, and while she’s grateful for the moving expertise, she’s hoping she doesn’t need to move a tenth time anytime soon.

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