Business Partner Success Stories

Dolly proudly serves all types and sizes of businesses. Learn more, straight from the mouths of current partners.

Artists/Musicians, Craigslist/ETSY/Ebay, Decorators & Stagers, Donation Sites & Non-profits, Event Planners & Wedding Coordinators, Office Moves, Professional Organizers, Property Managers/Apt Community Managers, Refurbishing/Consignment, Retailers, Sales & Marketing, Small Business Owners, Storage

  • Artists/Musicians


    As a professional photographer, my biggest concern in hiring a mover was the handling and transportation of my highly sensitive and expensive equipment. The movers I hired with Dolly assured me that utmost care would be taken, everybody says that, but those guys make sure it happens.

    - Christina W., Christina Wehbe Photography, Chicago

    5 star rating

    Uses: Gallery set up and breakdown, recital and performance assistance

  • Craigslist/ETSY/Ebay


    I'm building my website and building up social media and Ebay/Etsy stores. I would like to include your link to encourage sales to local buyers who need delivery. I think it would be a good thing for both of us.

    - Anne, Etsy/Ebay furniture seller

    5 star rating

    Uses: convert more sales with a delivery solution

  • Decorators & Stagers

    Decorators & Stagers

    As a photo studio owner & prop stylist to the industry I’m often moving larger pieces of furniture from one place to another. Without Dolly it would be challenging and time consuming, so I am very grateful for the service and the always prompt, friendly, efficient helpers.

    - Johanna L., Johanna Brannan Lowe Styling & Parchment Studio

    5 star rating

    Uses: Furniture pick up and transfer, Physical labor (moving)

  • Donation store

    Donation Sites & Non-profits

    Now with Dolly our customers are more likely to buy larger, more expensive items knowing they have a fast, simple and easy way to get them home.

    - Ryan H. S., Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver

    5 star rating

    Uses: Pick up from donors, delivery to customers, transfer equipment and appliances

  • Event Planners & Wedding Coordinators

    Event Planners
    & Wedding Coordinators

    Dolly was professional, kind & very impressive. My project was much harder than I anticipated (moving a very heavy elliptical up some tricky stairs) but Spenser handled it with such professionalism - no complaints or frustrations. 5 stars - & then some!

    - Julia B., Event Planner and Personal Concierge, Denver

    5 star rating

    Uses: event set up and break down, shuttling of flowers/ice

  • Office Moves

    Office Moves

    Dolly recently came in very handy for my business when we did a large clean and purge of the office. We had several large items and small boxes of things that we were able to donate rather then throw away. In addition we had some large, heavy shelves that we wanted to move to another location. Using Dolly was a big time save for us. The drivers were great and took care of everything efficiently.

    - Jennifer M., TORQUE

    5 star rating

    Uses: Labor only furniture moves, open local/regional office

  • Professional Organizers

    Professional Organizers

    Dolly really saved us [me and my client] a lot of time and money rather than doing UHaul. Dolly exceeds expectations!

    - Rachel C., Spruce with Rachel

    5 star rating

    Uses: Pick up and delivery for client, furniture removal or transfer, donation and dump runs

  • Apartment interior

    Property Managers/
    Apt Community Managers

    Thanks to Dolly, we don’t have elevator booking issues. Dolly shows up on time and takes great pride in getting the job done well and quickly. In addition to help moving in, our residents love using Dolly for delivering new furniture or for donating old couches.

    - Sandy J., Metropolitan Tower Apartments

    5 star rating

    Uses: Resident move in/out, haul away, apartment and common area staging

  • Refurbishing/Consignment store


    Dolly has helped my start up furniture company immensely by providing quick, affordable and reliable service. They care for each item and each team member has been so nice and helpful!

    - Chanel P., Coco’s House, Luxury Refurbishing in Seattle

    5 star rating

    Uses: Sourcing and pick up from owner, delivery to customer

  • Retail location


    Dolly is an amazing company! We are selling more large items because of your reliable and affordable service!

    - Mary G. B., Classic Remix Chicago, Voted Chicago Magazine's Best New Home Store!

    5 star rating

    Uses: customer delivery, inventory transfers, return pick up

  • Sales & Marketing

    Sales & Marketing

    They have moved my trade show material and equipment on multiple occasions, then made sure I'm happy with how and where to store it at my studio. The movers were conscientious, courteous and efficient, consequently, all of my equipment was moved and transported in good and safe manner. Thanks Dolly, you guys really delivered!!

    - Christina W., Christina Wehbe Photography, Chicago

    5 star rating

    Uses: trade show set up and break down, pick up from storage

  • Small Business Owners

    Small Business Owners

    Angel and Abraham were awesome! They helped me get a very heavy mirror from my office to my home and unpacked it once we got there. And then they were kind enough to give me a ride back to my office. I highly recommend them! How did we survive before apps?

    - Laurie H., Lawyer in Chicago

    5 star rating

    Uses: office moves, event set up and break down

  • Storage


    Kim is great! He had a great big truck and all the needed items to make a move easy. Plus he was able to figure out how to make everything fit in our storage unit!!

    - Shoshanna S., Denver

    5 star rating

    Uses: Downsizing, military transfers, temporary