About Us

Our mission is to create freedom of time, freedom of choice, and freedom from worry.

We do this by continually re-imagining and innovating the way moving and delivery should work.

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Our Story

Dolly was created to re-imagine the big and bulky item delivery experience by putting the customer in control. We optimize for convenience and safety at an affordable price. After delivering more than one million items, we are the leading on-demand delivery service trusted by retailers like Lowe's, Costco, Crate & Barrel, Big Lots!, and many more.

Headquartered in Seattle, Dolly is currently operating in 36 cities, expanding quickly, and will soon be nationwide. We are passionate about creating a customer-centric brand that brings customers back time and time again. Our team is ambitious and humble, with innovation at the core of everything we do.


  • Mike Howell

    Mike Howell

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Kevin Shawver

    Kevin Shawver

    VP of Marketing

  • Jay Sackos

    Jay Sackos

    VP of Sales

  • Alex Berg

    Alex Berg

    VP of Product

  • Deep Grewal

    Deep Grewal

    VP of Operations

The Team

  • Charissa Bangs

    Charissa Bangs

    Sr. Product Designer

  • Mary Bush

    Mary Bush

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Sam Cohen

    Sam Cohen

    Account Manager

  • Kevin Cullum

    Kevin Cullum

    Regional Sales Manager

  • Andrei Dan

    Andrei Dan

    Mobile App Team Lead

  • Milo Dowling

    Milo Dowling

    Helper Program Manager

  • Volker Einsfeld

    Volker Einsfeld

    Principal Software Architect

  • Ryan Hicks

    Ryan Hicks

    Director of Product Engineering

  • Alice Huang

    Alice Huang

    Enterprise Software Engineer

  • Peter Jensen

    Peter Jensen

    Helper Recruiting Administrator

  • Richard Kanichuk

    Richard Kanichuk

    Marketing Manager

  • Casey Klaus

    Casey Klaus

    Executive Assistant

  • Nikki Konen

    Nikki Konen

    Director of Supply Operations

  • Clare Krawitz

    Clare Krawitz

    UX Product Manager

  • Paul Lehn

    Paul Lehn

    iOS Developer

  • Craig Lough

    Craig Lough

    Director of Enterprise Business Development

  • Alex Marga

    Alex Marga

    Support Manager

  • Ryan Marshall

    Ryan Marshall

    Director of Analytics & Business Intelligence

  • Kyle McGourty

    Kyle McGourty

    Software Engineer

  • Louisa Meeks

    Louisa Meeks

    Sr. Marketing Manager

  • Jeff Moon

    Jeff Moon

    Helper Operations Specialist

  • Kenny Nelson Jr.

    Kenny Nelson Jr.

    Helper Recruiting Specialist

  • Lila Owen

    Lila Owen

    Regional Sales Manager

  • Phillip Procyk

    Phillip Procyk

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Miles Ranisavljević

    Miles Ranisavljević

    iOS Developer

  • Jasmine Smith

    Jasmine Smith

    Regional Sales Manager

  • Mikio Stewart

    Mikio Stewart

    Site Reliability Engineer

  • Claire Stolowitz

    Claire Stolowitz

    Support Manager

  • Mark Strelecky

    Mark Strelecky

    Jr. Platform Engineer

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