Our Mission

To create freedom of time, freedom of choice, and freedom from worry.

We do this by continually re-imagining and innovating the way moving and delivery should work.

Who We Are

  • Mike Howell

    Mike Howell

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Kristin Toth Smith

    Kristin Toth Smith


  • Chad Wittman

    Chad Wittman

    Co-Founder & VP of Product

  • Jason Norris

    Jason Norris

    Co-Founder & Senior Software Engineer

  • Kelby Hawn

    Kelby Hawn

    Co-Founder & Designer/Front-End Developer

  • Kevin Cullum

    Kevin Cullum

    Business Development Associate

  • Mary Bush

    Mary Bush

    Software Engineer

  • Casey Klaus

    Casey Klaus

    Office Manager & Admin Assistant

  • Nathaniel Nutter

    Nathaniel Nutter

    Helper Recruiting & Programming Coordinator

  • Ryan Marshall

    Ryan Marshall

    Director of Analytics

  • Jeff Jacka

    Jeff Jacka

    iOS Developer

  • Chris Odlaug

    Chris Odlaug

    Software Engineer

  • Gabe Medina

    Gabe Medina

    Operations & Support Lead

  • Kevin Shawver

    Kevin Shawver

    Sr. Director of Marketing

  • Kevin Shawver

    Brian Barton

    Business Development Manager

  • Andrei Dan

    Andrei Dan

    Jr. Android Developer

  • Clare Krawitz

    Clare Krawitz

    Operations & Support Supervisor

  • Sean Feeley

    Sean Feeley

    Operations & Support

  • Sonal Amin

    Sonal Amin

    Sr. Marketing Manager

  • Nate Brown

    Nate Brown

    Helper Recruiting & Compliance

  • Ayom Ament

    Ayom Ament

    Operations & Support

  • Shannon Ivey

    Shannon Ivey

    Operations & Support

  • Erica Melzer

    Erica Melzer

    Operations & Support

  • Miranda N. Benson

    Miranda N. Benson

    Marketing Intern

  • Jeremy Holmes

    Jeremy Holmes

    Operations Manager

How Dolly Started

It all started when our Co-Founder Chad, in the midst of a move, found himself barreling down the interstate with a mattress strapped to his car. Forced to take moving matters into his own hands, with his mattress flapping in the wind, it became very clear—there had to be a better way.

Enter Dolly, the stress-free and very affordable way to load, haul and deliver, just about anything, whenever you need it. Request a truck and Helper with the tap of a button, then relax. We'll keep large items off the roof of your car, save you a trip to the chiropractor and help make moving things—big and small—easy and fast.

Where Did the Name "Dolly" Come From?

The founders were enjoying a delicious brunch at Elly's Pancake House in Chicago while taking a break. We had been working on the concept for a few weeks, but had yet to secure a name.

It had to be short and sweet, easy to remember. There had to be a better name than jamming two words together...the perfect name was out there.

Suddenly, one of us knew the object but forgot the name. "It's a tall thing, with wheels...to move stuff. Delivery guys always have them—what's that called?" "DOLLY!"