Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dolly?

Think of Dolly as your moving, delivery, and heavy lifting concierge. We connect you with local truck owners (called "Helpers") who are ready to help with your moving, delivery, and hauling needs.

Who are the Dolly Helpers?

Every Dolly Helper is an independent contractor that is background checked and vetted by Dolly and continuously rated and reviewed by other Dolly customers. Rest assured that Dolly aims to work with only the best contractors who can provide an incredibly high level of service and pays close attention to their ratings to ensure that's the case.

How much does a Dolly cost?

Pricing is personalized based on the details of every Dolly. In general, the cost varies based on the number and type of items being moved, the number of Helpers requested, the distance between pickup and drop off and the service level selected. For a quick price quote, visit Dolly's quoting tool.

What's the difference between curbside and standard service?

With standard service, your Helper(s) will pick-up and place your items from and to a room of your choosing. With Curbside, your Helper(s) will pick-up the items at the curb and drop them off at the curb. You are responsible for getting it to and from the Helper's vehicle.

How do I pay my Helper(s)?

All payment is done directly through Dolly via credit card or the other electronics forms of payment offered—no cash needed!

Can I tip my Helper(s)?

Yes, but tipping is completely optional (though much appreciated by Helpers). You'll be able to tip your Helpers directly through the Dolly app once the Dolly has been completed. Helpers receive 100% of the tip and the tip amount is added to the cost of your Dolly.

Is there a cancellation fee?

In the event that you cancel your Dolly with more than 24 hours notice, your hold is released. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice and a Helper is scheduled, a 20% cancellation fee is applied. In the event that your Dolly has "started" and/or your Helper(s) have arrived at the first location and cannot complete your Dolly due to cancellation, rescheduling, or any reasons outside of their control, a 50% cancellation fee is applied.

How do I communicate with my Helper(s)?

You and your Helper(s) will be able to message and call one another via the Dolly app or website. Phone numbers are made anonymous for both you and the Helpers' protection.

How do I know how big my items are?

If you enter a box or bag on the Add Items step we provide size criteria like small, medium, or large. To find out what classifies these dimensions go here: item size guide.

Will Helpers pack boxes?

Helpers do not pack boxes. It is expected that you will have everything packed and ready for transport before your Helper(s) arrives.

Will Helpers disassemble or assemble furniture?

Helpers can break down items that need to fit through doorways or tight hallways in order to move, like unscrewing legs on a couch. However, this service does not extend to full disassembly or assembly on furniture that takes longer to break down, like disassembling or assembling an IKEA bookcase.

Do Helpers wrap items?

Helpers will come equipped with straps and tarps, but if there is any item you are concerned about protecting, it's best to wrap it up beforehand.

How should I list a bed?

We get this one a lot! If you enter "Bed (Your Size of Bed)" it includes a mattress, box spring, and bed frame. Feel free to add each of the parts of your bed individually as well, it's up to you!

What if an item doesn't fit into my home?

In the event your item can't be delivered because it doesn't fit through the door, your Helper can leave the item outside your home or return it to the pickup location for an additional fee. It is highly encouraged to take the appropriate measurements of all doorways, hallways and other spaces in the delivery path to ensure the items will fit before booking a Dolly.

How does Damage Protection work?

Damage Protection helps cover your stuff in the unlikely event something is damaged during your Dolly, including water damage, scratches, marks, tears, breakage, etc. Please note that this covers item damage and environmental damage to walls, ceilings etc, however hardwood floors are only covered if indicated when the Dolly is created on the Location Details step.

Each Dolly already comes with $300 worth of protection for your item(s). If you'd like to add more protection to a particular item, click into your Dolly Details in the app and edit your item.

When adding additional protection, simply input the declared value for each item. The first $300 worth of protection is included in the price of your Dolly, however every $100 worth of value after that will cost an additional $1.

In the event that damage occurs to your item, please contact us to start the claims process.

Note: you cannot modify Damage Protection once your Dolly has started.

Damage Protection is only available in select cities at this time.

How do I become a Helper?

You can apply to become a Helper here.

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