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Become a Dolly Helper!

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Become a Dolly Helper

Load, haul, and deliver with your pickup truck, box truck, or cargo van

Make $30/hr or more, and work when you want!


I have a pickup truck, box truck, or cargo van and can lift over 75 lbs

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I don't have a truck, can lift over 75 lbs and want to assist Helpers

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Dolly works with the best in the business

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Get paid!

Earn on average $30/hr or higher depending on the Dolly

Get paid weekly No long wait to get paid. Helpers are paid every week for the previous week's Dollys.

No price haggling Each Dolly has an upfront price that is displayed when the Dolly is posted. You see what you'll make for each Dolly, and most customers include a tip as well!

Flexible Choose your own work. You have the option of choosing a posted Dolly or not. You're not forced to do specific Dollys. Don't like one? Don't do it!


What will I need to do?

Help people move stuff Jobs range from picking up furniture, donating stuff to charity, or small apartment moves—basically anything that would require a truck and some heavy lifting.

Bonus! Get a workout Many of our Helpers use Dolly as a way to balance out their day jobs. You'll be moving furniture, mattresses, artwork, and all sorts of items that are too large, bulky, or heavy for a car. Crossfit has nothing on Dolly.


People helping people

Help for Helpers Customers are often willing to help out. If they are, that's easier for you. If not, you can connect with Dolly-approved Hands to help you out.

Help your neighbors Dolly is about people helping people. Get paid by helping people out of tough jams, feel great knowing you truly are helping!